The Sound of My Heart The Sound of My Heart: So sweet ~ (6)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

So sweet ~ (6)

A boy had cancer and he had one month to live .
He liked a girl who working in a CD shop very much .
But he did not told her about his love .

Everyday he went to the CD shop and bought a CD only to talk to her .
After a month , he died .

One day , the girl went to the boy's house and asked about him .
His mom told her that he died and took her to his room .
She saw all the CD's unopened .
The girl cried day and night . Until she died .

You know why she cried ?

Because she had kept her own love letters inside the CD packs .
She also loved him .

moral of the story:
If u love someone , say to him/her directly . Don't wait for the destiny to play the role . Otherwise u will lose that person !

PEACE ! ^^

story nie macam dalam video lagu terbaru Shahir .. meh tengok .. tapi ada lain sikit laa ^^

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ijA said...

sometimes we need to tell her about put feeling..