The Sound of My Heart The Sound of My Heart: So sweet ~ (4)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

So sweet ~ (4)

Girlfriend : Why do you love me ?
Boyfriend : I have no reason .
Girlfriend : (not satisfied) No ! Give me a reason .
Boyfriend :Ohh okay . because you beautiful , caring , attractive .

Girl was satisfied with the answer .
Then one day she got sick and look terribly thin ,pale and weak .

Girlfriend : Do you still love me ?
Boyfriend : Now that you're not pretty and attractive, do I have a reason to love you ?

The girl cried and the boy hold her hand . He say ...

Boyfriend : Now you understand ? Love doesn't need reason . I love you and still love you no matter what happens .

Try to understand the feelings rather than finding the reason to be loved . :)

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ILA HonEyBuNNy said...

betul2 sweet...

itlah cinta...;)