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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Love Story

Once a girl met a naughty boy, she
was new in his city so, the boy
helped her in every matter.

The boy asked her real name and
about her life but the girl said:
when we will become "best
buddies" i'll tell u everything
about me.

But the boy was thinking they
can't be so close...
the boy often hurt her
the girl started loving him
secretly.. ♥

She often got angry on him for
not understanding her feeling
towards him... :/
One day the boy was lil upset for
some reason and the girl became
sad to see her love upset..... :(

She wrote on a wall
"I Love You"..... ♥
She noticed the boy started
smiling at that time,
She asked him the reason.. :)
The boy replied: When you know
the reason of my smile why r u
asking.. ;)

The girl pretended like she really
don't know the reason..
The boy started acting to being
sad again... :(

The girl said now y u become sad
again... :'(
He replied: Only u can make me
She asked: how can i do that???
He replied: the same way u did
She felt shy and said:
"I Love You"
Boy smiled and said:
"I Love You Too"♥

So finally they become "best
now they share everything
and can't live away from each
other even for a second.

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